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How to Choose the Best Occupational Therapist for Your Child

The care providers you choose to take care of your child will be working with them on an ongoing basis. Therefore, you need to take your time when choosing one to ensure that you make the right decision. This is more important when choosing an occupational therapist for your child because the one you choose will determine the kind of care your child will get and also their capabilities in the activities they will handle in the future. Below are some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing an occupational therapist to ensure that you choose the right one for your child.


Start by asking the therapists you consult whether they have extensive experience in the industry. The specialist you chose should have been in the profession for many years and they need to be highly-experienced occupational therapists. Most importantly, ensure that they have worked with kids for many years because it will give you confidence that they can offer your kid the best care.

It is also advisable to discuss the kind of experience each psychiatrist has before making your final decision. Ask them whether they have experience working with children with physical impairment, autism, or any other problem. This will enable you to choose a therapist who is highly experienced in offering the kind of care your child requires. You can discuss your child’s needs with a specialist from early intervention services Mountain View CA before making your final decision. This will enable you to determine whether the facility is the best for your child or if you need to keep searching.

Treatment Approach

It is also advisable to discuss the treatment approach different therapists plan to use when taking care of your child. A professional will discuss the strategies they use and how effective they will be in helping your child achieve the best results. For instance, they might decide to use play-based therapy if they realize that it will be more effective for their child’s needs. They might also use exercises to address sensory concerns if they feel that this is the kind of care your child requires. The main aim of discussing this issue with the therapists you consult is to know whether they understand different treatment methods and whether they can recommend the best for your child. Therefore, if you bring this issue up during your conversation, you will be able to choose a therapist who plans to use a treatment plan that will be most effective for your child.

How they Provide Therapy

You also need to know how the therapists you consult provide therapy services so that you can choose one that offers a plan that is most appropriate for you or your child. Ask them whether they offer individual one-on-one therapy, mobile therapy service, via telehealth, or in their private clinic. It is advisable to choose a therapist that offers different options because you will be able to get therapy in a variety of ways. For instance, if you choose therapists who offer services through the Internet, you can get services without having to travel to their clinic. This will save you a lot of time and money and also save your child the stress of traveling regularly.

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